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Nokomis is a great place to live and raise a family. Far enough from the city to enjoy relaxed country style living. Close enough for a day trip, a concert, or even just a movie. 

The Town of Nokomis offers excellent incentives for building a home, buying a business or starting a new business.

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Town of Nokomis


A Boil Water Advisory is

in effect until further notice.


Please conserve water as much as possible due

to a water line break coming into town.

Boil Water Advisory


Waterline Update

After repairing the water main break on Sunday July 26th, caused by recharging the line after our repair work completed on Thursday July 23rd, the the Town of Nokomis water line is now up and running.  The repair work and the subsequent losses in pressure in the line has disturbed sediment which we are currently flushing out directly into our sewer system.  The technical term for this sediment suspended in the water line is turbidity.  Over the course of the day we are going to flush the line until the turbidity drops to an acceptable level.


We hope to have the boil water advisory lifted, or rescinded, in time for the fair weekend.  In the meantime please follow the instructions set out by the current advisory until further notice.  It is a relief to have water flowing in our water line again however, we as a community will need to look over the options of replacing the remaining steel cast line in the near future.  Without taking action the community remains vulnerable to another break, possibly in the winter months which would increase the cost of repairs significantly.


Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we work to get our water system back up and running at its full capacity.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact myself at (303) 528-2258 or the Town Office at (306) 528-2010.


David Mark


Town of Nokomis